You Won’t Believe Where These Seniors Are Vacationing!

One of the best things about retiring is getting away from the hustle and bustle of a daily schedule. Travel, in fact, is generally at the top of most retiree bucket lists. Today’s seniors are not just limiting their travel to the few budget-friendly, one-tank trips around the local region. They are venturing out further, seeking adventure at every turn. In fact, read on to find out where today’s seniors are having fun and enjoying their golden years.

Key West, Florida

Snowbirds in particular enjoy the warm, sunny climates that grace this little slice of heaven almost year-round. You can snorkel, enjoy long walks, eat some of the best seafood in the country and relax. Key West is both a tropical paradise and a unique historical site, which is what makes this an attractive option for seniors on the go. Its eclectic vibe draws a diverse crowd of people, ranging in age and cultural background, making this an ideal playground for older adults.

Alaska Cruises

Just about every major cruise brand offers a senior-specific cruise, but the ones to Alaska are among the most popular with the older crowd. This could be, in part, because this northern locale is on the bucket list of many, but often seems unattainable. The benefit to seeing it via cruise is that you can pass palatial glaciers while you sip bubbly from the warmth of the cruise ship hot tub. A seniors only cruise means that you can enjoy the company of other retirees, making new friends and enjoying new experiences.

Nassau, Bahamas

This island has actually seen an explosion of older adults that have moved to the island to enjoy a far slower pace of life in one of the most beautiful places in the world. While it’s a bit more expensive than some of the other islands, in many ways, it is still a lower cost of living than living stateside (likely because of the lack of taxes). Moreover, it is warm year-round, which is a benefit to many seniors. Traveling here for vacation makes you never want to pack your bags to head back, if not because of the friendly culture, beautiful blue waters and array of museums and attractions to enjoy.

Boston/New York City

This is a tie because both offer unmitigated excitement and tons of history, which tends to draw seniors. Located in the northeast, both of these major metropolises are major draws for senior adventures. They aren’t meant to be relaxing, they are both a whirlwind for travelers looking to get it all in within a few days. Both have museums galore, some of the best eateries in New England and suburban areas just begging for senior exploration. In fact, seniors that have extra time on their hands can make a trip out of both cities, taking the train from one to the other for added adventure!


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