Top 5 Most Inspiring Retirement Blogs of 2015




Retirement is our reward after decades of hard work. It’s an opportunity to spend more time with family and kids, to travel, and to do all the things on your bucket list you wanted but were too busy to do. At the same time, it can be scary. We’ve been so used to a life where we get up and go to work for over 8 hours every day. It might feel unnatural to have so much free time.

Ovid compiled this great list after coming across a few really beautifully written retirement blogs. The authors captured and shared amazing experiences and showed just how rewarding retirement can be. Last month, we recently reached out to our favorite authors and asked about their blog’s story. There’s no specific order to these blogs – they are all inspiring and worth following!

UPDATE – Check out our 2016 list: Ovid’s Best Retirement Blogs of 2016

Retirement: A Full Time Job

Author: Sydney Lagier

Retired Syd

My Blog’s Story

I started my blog in October of 2007—a few months before I retired.  I was really excited to retire, and also curious how this huge change in my life would really feel once I retired.  I searched for other retirement blogs to try and get a preview.

What I found was that most retirement blogs had to do with the financial aspects of retirement.  I was looking for the emotional aspects of retirement.  So I decided to start my own blog to help fill that gap.  While I do delve from time to time into financial matters, I mostly stick to the lifestyle issues.  And I think what my readers appreciate most, is the realization that being both happy and apprehensive about retirement just means we’re normal.

My Favorite Post: The Three Phases of Aging

I was only 44 when I retired–very young for retirement.  As the years go by, I’ve expanded my blog to include topics around aging—something all of us go through, retired or not!  I find the best way to face aging is with a healthy dose of laughter.

Retirement – Only the Beginning

Author: Dave Bernard

Dave Bernard

My Blog’s Story

In 2010, I launched my blog with a focus on identifying and understanding those non-financial aspects of retirement that play an important role in overall retirement satisfaction. Not yet retired, I hoped to get a jump on what I could do to assure the retirement I hoped to one day experience.

I quickly figured out having enough money was only one piece. In addition you need to identify activities and passions and interests that will get you out of bed each day excited to be alive. Through information gathered preparing for my own retirement as well as feedback from thousands of readers, I share real life experiences – good and bad – to help others better navigate the retirement jungle. Retirement can be awesome if you prepare and plan to bring meaning and fun into your days. And it is never too early to start.

My Favorite Post: I Love Waking Up Retired

One of my favorite blogs is “I love waking up retired.” After three years, I took a look at where I was in my retirement and was pleasantly surprised. I was doing those things I always wanted to be doing. I was enjoying each day. And I was looking forward to the future. It took time and effort to get here but there is no place I would rather be.

A Satisfying Journey

Author: Bob Lowry

Bob Lowry

My Blog’s Story

A Satisfying Journey, living a satisfying retirement with purpose and joy, was launched over five years ago. While looking for information to help me prepare for my own retirement, virtually every blog and web site I found focused almost exclusivity on the financial side of leaving work: how to save enough, the best investments, and when to take Social Security.

Important, yes. But, the stage of life we call retirement is so much more: strengthening relationships, finding a passion, giving back to the community, managing your time well, travel and exploring new opportunities. A Satisfying Journey deals with all these topics from the perspective of someone who has been retired for almost 15 years learning and sharing some important lessons along the way.

My Favorite Post: A Life of Second Helpings

Retire Early Lifestyle

Authors: Billy and Akaisha Kaderli

Billy and Akaisha

My Blog’s Story

We retired in 1991 at the age of 38 and began to travel the world. Over time we realized that people were interested in our travels and how we became financially independent at such a young age. It seemed that we were answering all the same questions so finally in 2005 we wrote our first book, The Adventurer’s Guide to Early Retirement, A Common Sense Approach and put it on our website to sell.

People loved our down-to-earth style towards retirement and travel and the book and our website took off. We now have seven books in our digital bookstore, an amazing collection of Preferred Links to help with matters of finance, world travel, medical tourism and more, and we have a FREE Newsletter. Our Readers love that we answer all email that we receive from them. With 25 years of financial independence and travel behind us, we’re still going strong!

My Favorite Post: What Does It Really Take to Move Overseas

We are prolific writers so it was hard to just choose one piece, but this one, What Does It Really Take to Move Overseas hits the nail on the head for anyone who is considering relocating out of their home country for retirement.

Joe’s Retirement Blog

Author: Joe Davies

Joe Davies

My Blog’s Story

Joe’s Retirement Blog is mostly a travel and entertainment blog. As a retiree, publishing a blog regularly provides me an opportunity to be creative – to write, to photograph, and then to publish.

A blog also provides a way to share my life with friends and family around the world. My audience includes folks in all fifty of the United States and more than 150 other countries around the world. Lastly, a blog provides an easily accessible online record of life events so that I don’t have to dig through musty cardboard boxes in the basement to find them.

My Favorite Post: Creativity

I have published more than 1500 separate posts over the past few years. Each one is special as a creative product. And speaking of creativity, here’s a favorite about that very subject.

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