SaveUp Rewards Consumers for Saving and Paying Off Loans

Save Money

Saving money and paying down debt are not always how we want to spend money. Despite how important it is, there’s always a little voice in our head that says “Wouldn’t you rather have that shiny new iPad?” Educating people on the benefits helps but only goes so far. Most Americans know the long-term benefits importance of saving money or paying down their existing debt, but there’s still that disappointing feeling to know your money can’t be used for something enjoyable.

Recently, we came across a new platform called SaveUp ( that rewards individuals for these types of positive financial behaviors. By saving money or paying down debt (such as credit card payments, car loans, student debt, etc.), you can obtain SaveUp credits that can be used for winning awesome prizes such as concert tickets, a trip to the Bahamas, or even $50,000 in cash. The concept aims to satisfy that little voice in our head and reinforces important habits in a way that is both fun and enjoyable.

The way it works is that first you create an account and link it your financial accounts. Once that is set up, SaveUp will automatically give you credits when you save money or pay down loans. Then, every day, you can use your credits towards playing various games that give you an opportunity to win awesome prizes.

However, anytime I am providing sensitive financial information to a company, I always make sure to do diligence on the company. SaveUp provided satisfactory responses to all of the questions I raised.

  • What does this cost?
    It’s free.
  • If it’s free, how does SaveUp make money?
    SaveUp gets paid primarily through company sponsorships (such as the prizes in the giveaways) and through partnerships with banks
  • Is SaveUp safe and secure?
    The website uses 256-bit encryption – the same type of security used by banks and the Department of Defense. 
  • Does SaveUp store my account numbers?
    No, it does not store any of your financial account numbers, login information, or ID numbers.


SaveUp is designed to encourage users to become financially responsible by motivating them to save money and pay down their debt with chances to win cash and prizes. Overall, this is a novel and fun way to help Americans learn to become more financial prudent!