Ovid’s Best Retirement Blogs of 2016


The internet is awash with all different kinds of advice on retirement – some of it is good, some not. Each year, Ovid compiles a list of the best Retirement Blogs. We look for a many factors, but the most important:

(1) Credibility of information: your retirement is serious and the advice you listen to should be of impeccable quality and come from a reliable source.

(2) Helpful topics: we like blogs that discuss topics relevant to problems or issues that retirees face frequently.

(3) Great content and writing: reading about retirement saving strategies isn’t always a lot of fun, so we look for engaging writers who can simplify complex topics and make reading about them enjoyable. 

Here’s are the winners (in no specific order) and below are their stories. Check them out, subscribe and enjoy reading!


Blog Website Topic
The Vanguard Blog http://vanguardblog.com/ Personal finance, investments
Retire By 40 http://retireby40.org/ Getting to financial independence
Financial Engines https://financialengines.com/ Personal finance, investments
Our Next Life https://ournextlife.com/ Retiring early, transitioning to retirement
Retire Before Dad http://www.retirebeforedad.com/ Investing, finance tools & calculators
Retire Early Lifestyle http://www.retireearlylifestyle.com/ Lifestyle, travel
Satisfying Retirement https://satisfyingretirement.blogspot.com/ Lifestyle, real-life experiences
Retirement – Only the Beginning http://lovebeingretired.com/ Lifestyle, non-financial guidance



The Vanguard Blog

Author: Maria Bruno, CFP



Vanguard’s Story

At Vanguard, our mission is, “To take a stand for all investors, to treat them fairly, and to give them the best chance for investment success.” We’re focused on providing low cost, broad based, diversified mutual funds and ETFs that give investors the best chance for a comfortable retirement. Our retirement research and education combine with investment offerings to help retirees and pre-retirees meet their goals and achieve long-term financial security. Vanguard’s blog provides us with a platform through which we can share strategies and perspectives to help educate clients and prepare them for this next life stage.

I’ve been in financial planning for 20 years and while I no longer advise clients directly, Vanguard’s blog gives me a platform to not only guide our clients in making more educated financial decisions but to hear about what issues are most concerning to them.

Maria’s Favorite Post: Why do retirees maintain high equity allocations?



Retire By 40

Author: Joe Udo



My Blog’s Story

In 2010, I was intensely unhappy with my engineering career. The demanding job, long hours, and constant threat of layoffs were taking a toll on my physical and mental health. I started Retire by 40 to help figure out how to leave the corporate grind. However, it grew to mean more as I gained an audience. It turned out that a lot of people are dissatisfied with their jobs and they are looking for an alternative to the regular workaday life.

I left my engineering career behind when I was 38, but I continue to blog so people like me can find more information about financial independence and early retirement. Financial independence can be a long journey, but almost everyone can get there if they keep working on it. Retire by 40’s primary mission is to educate people about the benefits of financial independence and steps on how to get there.

Joe’s favorite post: Why I gave up my engineering career



Financial Engines

Author: Mike Jurs, Director of Public Relations & Social Media at Financial Engines



My Blog’s Story

Financial Engines is America’s largest independent investment advisor. We help people make the most of their money by providing comprehensive financial planning services, professional investment management and online advice. Headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA, Financial Engines was co-founded in 1996 by Nobel Prize-winning economist Bill Sharpe.

Today, we offer retirement help to more than nine million employees at over 600 companies nationwide (including 143 of the Fortune 500). Our investment methodology, combined with powerful online services, dedicated advisors and personal attention enable us to get more Americans on the path to a rewarding retirement.

Mike’s favorite article: Are You Making One of the Four Most Common Retirement Investing Mistakes? Here’s How to Avoid Them



Our Next Life

Author: Mr and Mrs ONL



Our Blog’s Story

Our Next Life chronicles the journey to early retirement of Mr. and Ms. ONL, who are retiring to a life of mountain adventure in 2017 at age 40. (The secret identities will go away at that point!) They blog about finding the best way to save aggressively for an awesome future while still enjoying today. They cover everything that aspiring early retirees need to know, from how to get health care after retirement but before Medicare kicks in, to the best strategies for rolling over a 401(k).

But it’s not just about finances – they delve heavily into the feelings that go with retirement, from defining a new identity after leaving a long career to aligning your post-work goals to your life’s purpose. 

Their Favorite Article: 10 Questions to Answer Before You Retire Early



Retire Before Dad

Author: Anonymous



My Blog’s Story

Retire Before Dad is a personal finance and investing blog about planning to retire early to travel the world. Inspired by my own Dad who retired at age 56, I set a goal to retire one year earlier at age 55. As a Dad myself, I write about the costs and financial struggles of raising three kids and how they impact a retirement plan. My investment strategy is to utilize tax-advantaged savings vehicles to invest primarily in index funds and dividend growth stocks. I also encourage readers to build multiple streams of income through real estate, peer to peer lending, and online entrepreneurship.
Favorite post: In my twenties, I quit my job to travel the world for 14 months on a budget of just $10,000. My early retirement aspirations are driven by the desire to travel extensively without the limitations of time or money.
His favorite article: 14 months, 18 countries, $10,000



Authors: Billy and Akaisha Kaderli
My Blog’s Story
Since we left the conventional working world at age 38 twenty-six years ago, a lot has changed. After all this time, living off our investments, we find that common sense financial tools still work. Practical travel styles and sustainable living still hold appeal. Our Readers love our down-to-earth, experience-based information that they can obtain off our website, through our FREE weekly newsletter, or in any of our seven books in our digital bookstore or on Amazon.
We have an amazing collection of Preferred Links to help with matters of finance, world travel, medical tourism and more. And we personally answer any email questions we receive for a more personal touch to addressing someone’s dilemma about retirement.
Billy’s Favorite Post:  It’s a Lifestyle, Not a Vacation
We have hundreds of articles on our site, but this one, It’s a Lifestyle, Not a Vacation sums up some very salient points. Both inspirational and practical, you should be able to find something pertinent to your retirement approach.



Author: Bob Lowry


My Blog’s Story

Satisfying Retirement is the blog of choice for those who are passionate about living a retired life with purpose and joy.  It  addresses all aspects of building a lifestyle that is both gratifying and challenging. The blog’s core message is that retirement can become the most creative and productive time of one’s life.

Using real life experiences of both the author and readers, you will learn how to help build stronger relationships, find a passion, give back to the community, effectively control time, and develop financial stability. With well over 2 million page views in the past 6 years, Satisfying Retirement has become the first choice for both retirees and those planning for retirement to find support and encouragement during this exciting time of life.

Bob’s Favorite Post: A Life of Second Helpings



Author: Dave Bernard



My Blog’s Story

Back when I was working full time I dreamed of the day I would be able to retire and pursue those interests and passions I loved. The whole career thing was about making a living – in retirement I wanted to make a life, one in which each day offered something new and I was free to do what I wanted. When my career came to an end in 2011 with the acquisition of our company my personal journey was set in motion.

I began writing Retirement-Only The Beginning as a means to better understand the ins and outs of living full time as a retiree. I wanted to prepare for the non-financial side of retirement – what I could do to live an engaged, interesting and fun second act. My blog is a collection of lessons learned and experiences shared along the way as I continue to navigate this wonderful journey.

Dale’s Favorite Post: I Love Waking Up Retired

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