The Cost of Chemotherapy – Numbers You Need to Know


If you’ve watched the news or even visited a doctor’s office in the last decade, you know firsthand that the landscape of healthcare in the United States has shifted. Managing one’s health care costs used to be something we could get help from with our insurance carriers, but as prices for drugs and services continue to skyrocket, it’s unclear how much insurance will really do for us anymore. Read more


6 Smart Ways to Pay for Cancer Treatment and Care

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A cancer diagnosis is among the worse of life-changing health-related diagnoses a person can receive. In addition to wondering about their own mortality, there are so many other questions at play. Everything from treatment options to how to tell family and friends becomes a question in need of an answer. At the top of the list are the financial concerns that come along with treatment.

Even with insurance, fighting cancer is a costly endeavor because insurance doesn’t cover everything, according to the American Cancer Society. In fact, the American Cancer Society states that even insured individuals may have to pay up to 25% of the cost of expensive oral chemotherapy drugs, for instance. According to NerdWallet, the cost of chemotherapy – the most common and effective way to fight cancer – costs $108,000 in the first year for women and $115,000 in the first year for men. Then, there are the costs for supplemental medications, radiation (if necessary), living expenses (since most people cannot work full-time while going through treatment) and any other complementary therapies used to fight the disease.

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