7 Sports For Seniors With The Lowest Risk Of Injuries

If you want to age well and stay healthy, it is essential to stay active, as you get older. That doesn’t mean spending hours at the gym – it is much more important to have fun while exercising and doing sports. Here is a list of sports activities for seniors that are good for general well being with the lowest risk of injuries.


Well, it is not actually a sport but walking is a perfect activity for seniors to start preparing their body for exercising. It is one of the easiest activities with the lowest risk of injuries, it doesn’t require anything but comfy clothes and shoes ad it is great for your heart and gentle on your joints. You can spend half an hour a day or less walking and practicing breathing exercises to increase your lung capacity and you will feel the results very quickly. The best thing is that you can join a walking group and motivate yourself and others to stay active!


Swimming is a great way to reduce the impact on the joints and bones while exercising. It is perfect for seniors who want an effective low-impact workout, since the water supports your body weight and you can do anything in the pool, from swimming to doing water aerobics. Swimming three to five times a week postpones the effect of aging and helps you stay fit. Also, swimming has a great impact on your health as well since it helps to improve cardiovascular endurance and muscular elasticity while reducing stress at the same time. What a wonderful way to stay active and relax!


One of the best ways to stay in great shape is cycling. Not only you will be spending time outdoors, enjoying fresh air but you will also improve your heart health and reduce the risk of heart disease. It will keep you fit and get your blood pumping! Not to mention that it will strengthen your immune system. Plus it’s a fun activity and you can do with friends or family. If you are retired then you can use free time you have to explore hidden parts of your town on your bike. That way you will have a workout sightseeing tour!


Golf is a game for players of all ages but because of a very low-risk of injury, it is ideal for seniors, especially ones who have problems with joints since it is not all about strength. Playing golf is a great way to build flexibility in the muscles and joints because it requires a wide range of motion – it is all about the technique. Playing golf requires a lot of walking from hole to hole, which helps strengthen your heart, lower your blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease. With all of these health benefits, all you have left to do is to improve your golf swing to make it perfect!


The health benefits of practicing tennis make it ideal for senior athletes even though it is a sport that individuals can play at nearly any age. Practicing tennis helps promote hand-eye coordination because you have to move quickly and keep your eyes on the ball. It improves the cardiovascular endurance because your body is compelled to run, sprint, stop and change directions during the match.


Bowling is a competitive and fun game with great health benefits. It requires a lot of walking and weight lifting (bowling ball is not lightweight at all) so it is great for building muscles in your arms and legs while burning calories at the same time. It also promotes balance and coordination. Bowling is a fun social activity that you can do with friends and family.

Tai Chi

This is a bit unusual activity but this martial art, in general, focuses on gentle, fluid movements with a low risk of injury that makes them perfect for seniors. Tai Chi improves overall well-being and mood since you train your body and your brain at the same time. Practicing Tai Chi improves muscle strength while lowering blood pressure, making your body more flexible, balanced and agile which reduces the risk of falling.


These are just some examples of the sports activities for seniors that have a low risk of injury. No matter what you opt for, it is important to have fun doing it and to motivate yourself to stay active. It will have a great impact on your health and it will make the aging a piece of cake.