6 Ways to Make Money in Retirement

Work from home gigs are perfect for retirees that want to slow their pace, but need to put a few extra dollars in their pocket each month. However, choosing the ones that are legitimate and a good fit for a retiree can be a challenge. After all, there are a number of work at home scams that can cost you precious monthly income only to get nothing in return. Consider these more legitimate ways to add some cash to a monthly fixed income after retirement:

Freelance writing: If you’ve always enjoyed writing and don’t mind doing a little research, this is an ideal way in which to generate some income and channel your creativity. There are plenty of job boards online that offer potential gigs, but if you’ve got a particular specialty (let’s say you retired from the real estate industry, for instance), then you can approach companies to see if they have a need for any content writing.

Industry consultation: Seniors that have worked in a particular industry for many years have cultivated a certain level of expertise and this can be valuable to companies large and small.  Offer that expertise in a form of consultancy. This could consist of an evaluation of the company’s offerings or training for staff to become more efficient and effective to increase profits and customer service.

Educational Research: Higher educational institutions in particular often have a need for research, but no one willing to take on this tedious task. Offer your services as something you can either do from home. This is particularly ideal for seniors that enjoy reading and researching their spare time. Again, lean towards your area of expertise.

Customer Service Agent: This is a position that is increasingly being outsourced to people with a phone line and a computer. Invest in a simple headset, a laptop and there are plenty of companies that will take advantage of a pleasant voice, calm demeanor and a willingness to help out their customer service department from the comfort of your home.

Hobby to Side Gig: Do you have a talent that people for which family and friends have always lauded you? Perhaps you are an expert seamstress or maybe your baking rivals that of Wolfgang Puck? If you’ve got a talent that you enjoy, why not monetize it? Consider creating a website or simply spreading the word among family and friends that you are open for business – on a small-scale. Perhaps a neighbor has an upcoming birthday party for a grandchild or needs something tailored. Offer your services for a nominal fee and before you know it, you’ll be generating extra cash.

Tutor Online: Tutoring online is not only a great way for retired teachers to stay in the game, but also for those that have a specialty in which they have experience and vast knowledge to impart it to someone else. Tutors online work with people of all ages, backgrounds and levels of education. This is a great way to maintain interaction with other people while making money without ever leaving your couch.



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