3 Estate Planning Blogs You Need to Follow


Coming to terms with our own mortality is hard and is usually not something we want to think about. However, if we want our families to be protected and if we want to protect the assets we’ve created, the earlier we start thinking about estate planning the better.

Over the past month, we’ve gone through and researched a multitude of estate planning websites in search of the best resources. Below are the top three estate planning blogs we think you should follow. These blogs provide up-to-date information on the industry and help consumers better understand this complex process. Although some of the firms serve a specific state, their blog topics and articles include relevant helpful information to anyone thinking about estate planning in the United States.

Estate Planning Lawyer on Your Side

Breandan Donahue, Goosmann Law Firm

Breandan Donahue

Why I Work In Estate Planning

After attending one of the top law schools in the nation, the University of Virginia School of Law, it was always my goal to come back to the Midwest to practice. As an estate planner, I have the opportunity to collaborate and work with others, as well as get the satisfaction of addressing complex challenges. More importantly, there is the knowledge that I provide a service to people that has a real and practical impact on their day-to-day lives.

Estate planning gives people peace of mind knowing that they have done what they can to provide and protect those they loved. Estate planning means addressing different concerns and worries. For some it is the need to plan battling with their fear that they had too little. For others, it is an issue with their children, or a couple’s differing goals. This is compounded by the fact that estate planning is built on a system of rules that is confusing to those new to it. People do not know how or where to begin, so they don’t.

When I have the opportunity to work with an individual, I have the privilege of your confidence, as well as your trust that I will help care for you. At the end of the day, my goal is to carefully navigate you through the planning, replacing uncertainty and fear with the assurance and a peace of mind knowing you have planned ahead.

My Favorite Article: How to Avoid Conflict

Everyone wants to think their family gets along, but fact of the matter is there are numerous estate litigations or Will/Trust Contests every year in every state that create family conflict and result in high legal costs. Estate litigation is a drawn out process. A case has been settled quickly if it has been resolved within 18 months of being filed. We have written 4 tips you can use today to help avoid a conflict tomorrow.

Everything Elder Law Blog

Evan Farr, Farr Law Firm

Evan Farr

Why I Work In Estate Planning

I work in estate planning and elder law because I believe that it is of utmost importance that people plan in advance to get their legal and financial affairs in order, to ensure their wishes are met, and to spare their loved ones from the agony of having to do so in an emergency situation and with no guidance. I am passionate about both helping people and educating them — I have helped tens of thousands of clients and fellow attorneys and have published dozens of articles and treatises for attorneys and three best-selling books for consumers. I am most passionate about using my vast knowledge, understanding, and deep respect of the elderly to help our elderly clients and their families preserve dignity, quality of life, and financial security. My 28 years of experience doing so has proven invaluable as my estate planning and elder law practice continues to grow.

My Favorite Article: Filial Responsibility

The article I am most proud, because it serves as a wake-up call for people of all ages to do proper planning, involves filial responsibility, or adult children being financially responsible for parents who are unable to pay for care. Although laws of this sort were drafted centuries ago, many are unaware that these laws have recently gained new momentum.

Plan for the Road Ahead

Jeff Gottlieb, Law Offices of Jeffrey R. Gottlieb


Why I Work In Estate Planning

I focus my practice on estate planning because it enables me to really get to know people and their families.  There is a misconception that estate planning is just about death and taxes.  In reality, estate planning is about families, and is about a person’s life story and legacy.  I get to hear fascinating stories and also help families navigate through what is oftentimes one of the most stressful periods of a person’s life — losing a loved one.  We try to help provide a road map to hopefully make that process a little easier and less stressful.  I’m passionate about helping people meet their estate planning goals as efficiently and effectively as possible and giving people the peace of mind that comes with advance planning.

My Favorite Article: 10 Estate Planning Steps to Avoid Family Inheritance Disputes

It’s difficult to choose just one piece, but I am proud of “10 Estate Planning Steps to Avoid Family Inheritance Disputes,” which is relevant to estate planning in any state.  One of the most consistent things I hear from clients is that they want their estate to avoid the family fighting that we hear about so often.  This piece provided concrete steps to help minimize that risk.


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