Regaining Your Freedom – Tips For Seniors’ First Venture Into The World Of Fitness


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It is common for senior citizens to think that once they have passed a certain age, it is necessary that they slow down with physical exercise and take it easy. What if we told you that this idea is wrong? A lot of people tend to take aging for granted and think that the decline of physical ability is simply a result of getting older. However, there’s more to it than just that. Read more


The Cost of Chemotherapy – Numbers You Need to Know



If you’ve watched the news or even visited a doctor’s office in the last decade, you know firsthand that the landscape of healthcare in the United States has shifted. Managing one’s health care costs used to be something we could get help from with our insurance carriers, but as prices for drugs and services continue to skyrocket, it’s unclear how much insurance will really do for us anymore. Read more


How to Sell Your Life Insurance Policy


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While purchasing a large life insurance policy in your 30’s was probably a wise move (especially if you were supporting a growing family) that big policy may not be such a great deal after the kids move out. You may no longer need assurances that the death benefit bestowed upon your family by your insurance company will be large enough to securely launch your children into adulthood. Maybe your nest egg isn’t as large or secure as you’d like, and adding a sizeable lump sum would allow you to more easily afford rising health care costs and travel more frequently. Read more